Friday, June 1, 2012

What's New

It has been a crazy month. I’ve been taking stock on the things that make me happy. Here’s what I’ve come up with. . .

Coffeehouse on Sirius radio minus John Meyer: It reminds me of concerts at the Troubadour.

Café Rio: Between moving, hospital visits, and all the other craziness it has been our food staple. We probably would have starved without it.

Out new house: It’s an older house, but it is ours and we love it.

The Innovator’s DNA: I read about the book in the BYU magazine and decided to check it out. I think it’s an interesting take on creativity and creating.

Sample Sale: My mom, sister, and I went on my trip to California. It was amazing. I need to go every 6 months and stock up on clothes for June.

The New Girl: I’m so sad it’s over. We loved this show. Even Gwyneth Paltrow was singing its praises on GOOP. Michael keeps singing “We built this Schmidty… on tootsie rolls.”

Weddings: We had two on one night and it was a dream. I could have stayed our all night if Michael hadn’t reigned me in. I love weddings and seeing friends so happy.

I’m excited for the summer! 


Laurel said...

All good things. So- I need to see some pics of your house! So exciting- you are officially serious grownups.

The Haney Family said...

I second Laurel's comments... pictures, please! Congratulations!