Thursday, July 23, 2009

Laker Playoff

My parents both grew up in Los Angeles and I grew up watching the Lakers and the Suns. I remember one day coming home to find my mom crying with the TV on. I thought that someone in my family had been hurt, but it was the day Magic Johnson announced he had HIV. I'm definitely not a die hard basketball fan, but I love going to games.

This summer Scott and Julianne invited us to go to a Laker playoff game at Scott's company box. It was so fun and we were so excited to go. Michael is a huge Warriors fan, but the Lakers are his #2. We got there a little earlier than everyone else and had to wait at one of the entrances where we were going to meet. Luckily it was right next to the valet, so we watched as Andy Garcia, George Lopez, Adam Levine, David Arquette, Dustin Hoffman, and so on all rolled in. It was fun seeing what kind of cars everyone drove and who enjoyed making an entrance. If you ever have friends who want to see a celebrity in LA, this spot did not disappoint.

Scott and Julianne also bring their binoculars, which come in handy when you get bored of the game. Above is a picture from the game.