Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Haley came into town. She was our first visitor from my family. June loved having her around and wanted to be just like Haley. She loves her auntie. We got to show Haley around town and try a few new restaurants in our neighborhood.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stock Show

We went to the stock show this week with Carrie and Christina from our ward. Apparently Denver has one of the biggest stock shows in the country. The kids were in heaven. The petting zoo had goats, sheep, ducks, a donkey, and even a llama. June ran around from animal to animal touching each one. No fear! June has been into farm animals and their noises so it was fun to hear her say "quack, quack" along with the ducks. We came home nice and smelly, but it was worth it. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Play Group

June and I love our little play group with friends from the ward. Our ward is small and there are mostly young kids. Here is June hugging Merit who was born about a week after her. I need to get June a real bracelet so she can stop wearing all her toys as bracelets!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Our much anticipated Christmas break was a little less relaxing than we expected. As we were descending on the plane into San Francisco to visit Michael’s family we got texts from Rebecca saying that they though Michael’s dad may have had a heart attack and that he was being taken away on an ambulance. We arrived at our hotel in San Francisco not quite sure what to think. Luckily his dad did not have a heart attack, but they still wanted to keep him in the hospital for a few days for tests. We spent the holidays worried about Michael’s dad and not sure what to do with ourselves. The night before we left, Michael’s dad got released from the hospital and we were able to do a day after Christmas celebration with dinner and presents. We love Michael’s dad and hope that he has a quick recovery. 

Hugs and Kisses

Christopher and June loved giving each other lots of hugs and kisses on our most recent trip to San Francisco/Modesto. It was cute to see them be sweet with each other. We've got to keep working on June being sweet with her other cousin Kendall (Leah's baby). Those two love to go at it.