Saturday, June 30, 2012


I can’t even count the number of times a week I hear a song and I’m reminded of a specific memory or friend. I love getting texts from friends expressing the same sentiment. My sisters and I tend to get obsessed with a song or musician for a certain time so some times it can typify a summer, a vacation, a friendship, etc. Since I’ve decided to tune out toddler temper tantrums with my Ipod headphones I have been thinking about this more.

I remember hearing Space Cowboy with my dad and him saying that it reminded him of when he was dating my mom. I thought it was so sweet that awhile later my mom said the same thing when the song came on in the car.

Nicole was telling me how when she hears Lisa Loeb it reminds her of listening to her at my house when we were kids (It was my first cd and I think I got it at my birthday party). It was funny because I remember listening to the Bodyguard cd at her house. I always associate that soundtrack with their house. I decided I was going to jot down some of my favorite music memories. I was even thinking of making it multiple choice to see if anyone remembered the same things I did. : )  
Hand in my pocket (Alanis Morissette): Playing poker in visors during a sleepover at Bonnie’s.
Bust a Move (Young MC): 10th grade dance class and thinking the senior girls were SO cool.
Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club): Dessert parties at my apartment in LA.
Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins): My dad cranking it on Saturday mornings. He also would occasionally crank up opera.
Romeo and Juliet soundtrack: Reminds me of watching the movie with most of my high school.
Ready or Not (Fugees): High school summers at Kate Riefer’s pool. We would listen the Fugees album on repeat. I still love it along with Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill’s album. It was a thrill when we saw a screening of Skid Row at USC and Pras did a Q&A.
Be Mine (David Grey): David Grey concert with Michael when we were dating.  
Thriller (Michael Jackson): Caravanning with Nicole back to Utah for school. I listened to the song on repeat since I was by myself and wouldn’t annoy anyone. 
Mariah Carey: driving from seminary to school with Megan and Rachel. Some times they were best friends and some times not on speaking terms. When they were not speaking I would blast Mariah.
Third Eye Blind: Freshman year.
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Training for the St. George marathon.
Hotel California (Eagles): 11th grade history class. Our teacher was OCD, but if we were able to get through our whole lesson and had extra time we could all listen to a song or two before we went to our next class. I remember the day he turned on Hotel California, opened the classroom windows and I saw him unwind for just a moment.
Umbrella (Rihanna):  Reminds me of being in Vietnam in a beach town with Haley and Megan. We saw a music video in the hotel room. I love how when you are in a different county everything from the U.S. feels so poignant. I can also remember the Blizzard we had at the Cambodia airport and I have never tasted a better Blizzard.
Sara Smile (Hall and Oates): The Fighter premiere. Maybe because we were in the second row and it was hard to get out of my head. Anne may or may not have been sleeping.
Everything (Michael Buble): Erik and Kindsay’s wedding dance. Random, except it was the same day Michael and I kissed for the first time.
Fast Car (Tracy Chapman): Reminds me of listening to it with Stacey in high school probably driving around town. I heard an acoustic version on Coffeehouse radio and it was amazing.
Atliens (Outkast): Dancing on the bus on the way to prom.
Hung Up (Madonna): Megan and I went to the concert in L.A. I have never seen so many gay men get their groove on. It was amazing. I even remember some of their moves.
Fiona Apple: Emily Bennett and my freshman year.
Imagine (John Lennon): Flying back from Asia and crying.
Heartbeats (Jose Gonzalez): Going to a little concert with Broek who was always knew the up and coming singers. When she was my roommate I would tell her I was going to a concert and inevitably she had already seen that musician a year or two before. . . some times even in high school. Way cooler than me. When we went to Block Party together we met this guy who said he was in a “band.” He pursued Broek for awhile and we ended up seeing his band name all over the place.
Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs): Rockband at the Roach’s.
I Want it That Way (Backstreet Boys): In high school we decided to record our own music video. I wonder if it is still in circulation.

I could go on and on. I remember when Haley was in high school and I listened in on her music. Oddly enough it was very similar to what we were listening in high school . . . Tom Petty, Lisa Loeb, Alanis Morissette, Tupac, etc. I guess some things are just universal when growing up. 

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Nate and Nicole said...

I would pay to see that Backstreet Boys video :). So glad I made it on your music memory list a few times. Here are a few of mine:

Maroon 5 (the first CD) makes me think of you and Anne and being in DC for Jean's wedding AND Anne backing out of the ghetto basement's driveway into a car before going to the SLC concert :).

Enrique makes me think of dancing with Amelia and hearing him almost makes me want to bust out the horse and buggy.

Mary J. Blige "Family Affiar" makes me think of being in Jean's white Mercedes and going to Vegas (the first time).

Early Kelly Clarkson makes me think of Jean's first dance at her wedding...

PYT always makes me think of you and your little green Honda!

I could go on and on... :)