Sunday, April 22, 2012


We planned a mini college reunion since I was going to Ca and everyone except Jean was living there. We spent the night at Anne’s place and talked until 3 a.m. On Saturday we got manicures, ate at Joan’s, went to Magnolia’s, and did a little shopping. It was so fun to catch up with them. I miss living close to Anne and Lo. I was so lucky to meet these girls in college. Nicole reminded us how she almost left BYU before she moved in with us and I feel the same way. I don’t know how I would have made it through the quirky BYU college experience without having these girls to laugh with. They definitely made a lot of weird experiences a lot more fun.  


molly said...

I am so glad you posted about this reunion, especially with pictures of Anne. She is always dodging the camera and taking them instead. I heard about the party beforehand from Anne, but hadn't seen any pics. This looks like a lot of fun and a good break from all the kiddos.

Lorraine said...

These are some great pics. I love you girls Don't even act like you are not a total cougar. You loved BYU:)